Free Tamil Keyboard Typing Apps For Smartphone In 2021

Do you want a Tamil Keyboard typing app to type Tamil fonts from mobile, Here is the solution for you!

In the modern era, you can do many things from the mobile, So people love to communicate with their native language as well, But usually in past Tamil typing is only available on the computer keyboard and it needs a lot of practice to do the job.

In recent times we found a lot of solutions for that, Yes a lot of mobile apps have done the job perfectly.

Let’s see the apps from the article below,

Google Indic Keyboard

Credit – Google INdicboard

In typing apps section you don’t want to miss the google indicboard for sure, It is specially customized to the regional languages and with many good features that you will love to try.

If you think about performance then it’s from Google so you don’t need to think about the performance of this keyboard.

Google Indic Keyboard Features

  • You can type in your language by the keyboard that they are given.
  • If you are not ok with typing from your language then you can easily type in English and it will automatically change to your language.
  • Transliteration mode – Get the output in your native language by spelling out the pronunciation using English letters (Example- “namaste“ -> “नमस्ते“.)
  • This Transliteration mode is available for 13 Indian languages that will make a great impact on your typing.
  • Having this many features this app is still free to download and use without any type of ads.
  • Don’t want to type, then write the words on your screen it will recognize the words(Currently available for Hindi only)

Download –  Android Users

Download – Ios Users

Tamil Keyboard

Credits – Tamil Keyboard

This another good Tamil typing app that is built in India, The developers are Desh Keyboards and they are making many keyboards for individual languages.

Even it’s not a fully free app but it will only give ads that you need to pay to get rid of that from the app.

if you are purchased the premium version then it will be an ad-free app and it’s not an annual subscription it will be a one-time purchase for a lifetime.

Tamil Keyboard Features

  • Like any other keyboard, this app is giving you the option to choose how you want to type.
  • You can type one by one letter of Tamil or easily type the whole word in English(Thanglish) and get it in Tamil.
  • You can put this keyboard as the default keyboard to type in all apps.
  • Don’t want to type then use the voice to type, This app will let you speak and recognize the words from that.
  • Awesome themes to choose with
  • You can easily find the trending emojis and gifs.
  • Convert your words into stickers.

having this many features and good numbers of download will help us to find out the quality of this app, There is still many features are available within the app, So download and use it to know them.

Download – Android Users

Ezhuthani – Tamil Keyboard – Voice Keyboard

Credits – Ezhuthani – Tamil Keyboard – Voice Keyboard

Ezhuthani is one of the old unique Tamil typing keyboards that you should try at least once, This app is developed by C V Raju – Mary Martin Software Services.

Having many downloads and Good 4.5 Star ratings in the play store will help you to know the performance of the app.

Ezuthani App Features

  • This the upgraded version, They call this Ezhuthani – 2 because it’s up to the task for modern times.
  • This app provides the Tamil keyboard so you can clearly see the fonts and type them.
  • Its supporting low-end devices as well.
  • Customize your reply templates to use often.
  • While you are typing you can easily get the suggestion of the words that you are looking for.

Download – Android Users

These are the top three Tamil Keyboard Typing App that is currently in the play store.

Keep visiting the site to know about any changes in the list.

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