How to know others exact location in our phone |Android &Ios App

Where are we living.? We are in where the technology is most important than any others, And the problem also. We are facing many issues in the modern world. It is not fair with the technology we have. So we need to use the technology for good.


How do we use technology for good.?

Here is the example getting out for work from home is normal and commonly doing in nowadays. After you get out, your family members can only tell the location by calling you or texting that will not help you know the exact location or texted by them. Hence, you need some technical help on that matter. with the use of technology, you can find your loved one same place with just one touch, and more of that, you can get an update on real-time location updates.

In the android or ios app market, there is a lot of android app available that you may see in the past but not every app will do a favor for us. Most of the app will have basic options that will not help you at all. So I will give you the best android App For that you can easily find and recommend it by the play store itself. Yes, the android app is called life360:family locator and Gps tracker.

How it works :

You need to download from the source that means play store and then install it on your phone.

Once you open it, it will ask for some permissions to install, permit your wish, and don’t forget it has over 50 million downloads in the play store with a good rating.

Sign up with the number for the first time so you can keep your data all the time.

This Android app gives you a private group to create and keep your list to track with ease.

You can see the real-time trackers in the private circle that you created.

You can set the comments to receive their location.

This App Works Perfectly On android and iPhone as well.

With this app, you can track only who can do it with you and give permission that you can’t follow others.

These days safety is the first thing for us, so we need to care about our loved ones, and their safety is most essential for us to so this android app will surely help on that for you, So never hesitate to try this.


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