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Inshot the is the most used editor all over the world.The easy way of using the inshot make things easier for the people so they love to use it , another thing we must know is the options that they are giving is more then capable of doing many video basic edits.

So this the latest version of inshot that we are going to see now.

Features :

If we are not professional photographer or videographer then we don’t have enough specs to edit or customize your own video that you loved.Most of the editors having bulk of editing software that will cost a lot.So they can edit the video on the way they are thinking,but as a mobile user we know the pain how hard is to edit the videos.even the low level edit are cost at least some penny,but with the help of this inshot pro you will be able to edit your video on your own with ease.If you are used to inshot and know everything in that android app the outcome is going to just awesome that you never expected.Lets see what features they have..!

1.You can do the cropping editing kind of stuffs with this app ease,the most basic procedure in video editing is trimming and cropping so they have this.With the help of trimming you can trim the unneeded  parts of videos for your favour,after that you can even the cut the part individually so they are not bother any more.


2.Adding the music is another important feature in this all.if you can’t add the music in your videos that will not called as video editing app but not this.With the help of inshot you can add the music where ever you needed so you would love to do that.

3.If you can join the multiple  videos without laptop that will be awesome.You can do that with this android app,So you can add multiple videos from tik tok ,youtube or from whatever you needed.Then you can upload the videos by yourself easily without touching the laptop or desktop for editing.


4.Just think ,the most important part of the editing is controlling the speed of the video’s,yes you can control the speed of any videos with this app so you don’t need to worry about the speeds.You will do the best slow or fast moving edits with this editing options.

5.After you completes your edit the next problem will be sharing you don’t need to search and  find the video’s anymore,Once you completed your edit there will be easy option to share your videos into social medias.

6.You will able to add some effects into your video’s however it will not look like best edit like in movies but still its is the edit for the mobile according to me.Adding some additional effects will give your videos unique style.

7.With the help of this app you can do the photoslide album kind of will able to convert your videos to which format you like with the easy way.


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