The best app for maintaining the records of your business in android..!

In old days we used to store our purchase ,credits and debits records in notebook or somewhere in its gonna miss times slid something bad happen may it will gone for permanently so what you need to do let me tell you something there is one application which will help you on that.So we are going to see about that app

With this help of this app you can easily your bills and transaction in easy manor.the app name was khatta app and you can find that app by searching with that name in play store

Let’s see how this app works,

This app gives you simple and easy interface to work with so you don’t need to confuse to manage your business.

This app is free to use till you don’t need to spend single paise to this.

All you need to do is create your profile using your mobile number to save progress and manage easily you can get that details any where you want by just log in with the same number.


1.This app have in build app lock that will help you to secure your details.

2.Also this app have every algorithm,so You don’t need to calculate anymore by your self.

3.with the help of sorting and filter you can find what you need with ease. have search engine for easy finding

5.The automated messaging service will help you to ensure the report will send to the customers. can send the whatsapp reminders to your customers.

There is lot of features more then this so you need to try by yourself hope you will like that.i am going to give download link below


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