Magic Call – Voice Changer App

We are living the society where every one busy on their own world that they created and they don’t have any kind fun or any relaxation at all.But every one  well most of them having  smart  phone  in their hand for the most if the time for all kind of works.

Did you know, you can  have a lot of fun with the smartphone that you owns.let me tell you something with the help of your phone and some app you can easily prank your friends until you have lot of fun.

for smartphones it’s not that hard to find the app for this purpose, it was very easy to find the app in the play store which have millions of app.

pranking the friends for fun is not wrong, but we don’t need to use this app for any kind of wrong activity’s will not be appreciated by the law.

So don’t use this app for any kind of wrong activity choose this app for the good purposes.

How it works:

We have lot of apps that helps you to make changing the voices.But not that every app  that let you to do while you are in call,But with the help of app that i am gonna introduce to you,You can do that while you are in the call.Yes that app Called Magic call you can easily download by searching the same name in play store.

want to download from you can find the download link from Below.

How Does App Going To Work:

1.You need to download the app from play store

2.After you Download when you open the interface it will look like given below

Before that you need give every permission that they ask for better performance.

if you don’t give the full permission this app will not work properly so make sure you check every permissions and given the needed permission to the app to work properly.

3.Then register with your number to continue.using your mobile number is for make sure you doing thing right.

if you are from different country like Usa,UK,Canada or anywhere else in the world you need to give your own country code to register.

If you done that thing clearly then only you can access the app with the all contents.


4.After successfully completed registration the screen which you can get with lot of options,The many options will give great experience in this app.

5.On that screen you can see the female,grand pa ,kid and more voice that you can change while speaking

6.Using this app with your own concern and own risk , because it could lead someone to problem if you don’t use it properly

6.That’s all you need to do Let’s have fun.I am going to give download link below.

This app is free to download and free to use so you don’t need to spend the amount not even single penny on this .

This app is directly from the play store so you don’t need have any kind of afraid to download and use it on your phone.

Having more then million downloads this trustworthy.


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