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In these days technology  is everything,The most of the devices are connected with the Internet At some point, so the internet are Most important thing in these days.

In our daily life our mobile, TV, laptop and many Devices Need Internet to Perform, without Internet we can’t do too much things with these Devices.

Getting internet connection is Really cost too much for middle class person. If you need yeah good internet connection you need to spend a lot of money to that,Because in modern world our work depend on the network we have, every day we need to send mails, message and etc That can be only done by Internet.

For this problem we have  solution, if you have phone in your hand there is several ways to get free Internet.

Locating Free WIFi:

In recent times Most of the people know the Internet is most important thing, so for the people many places like shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and many public places are giving free Wi-Fi to their people, all you Need is a smart phone with good Wi-Fi connection so you can connect your phone for free in their Wi-Fi.

There is another thing you can’t find all free Wi-Fi network that available near you by your own, so for that I have solution with the Android Application That called “free Wi-Fi passwords and Internet hotspots Wi-Fi map” That you can find in play store.

There is a lot of app for this work, but this app have lot of downloads and average reviews so that we can depend on this app.

this app have larger community so you can find lot of free Wi-Fi spots while you are in off-line, the more users or increasing the more Wi-Fi hotspots will be added in this app so you can always find your new spot every time.

While using free Wi-Fi networks that could be always some danger for you, for that problem This app have inbuilt VPN for Your Own safety.

For the Off-line Wi-Fi regions you need to download the map to use it while you are an off-line.

Like I said earlier  that you can add hotspots and passwords for helping others, so the community will grow and hotspots as well.

Also you can share the Wi-Fi details with your friend through Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.

The VPN that they provide is free to use.

Find The Password:

There is several ways to know the password with the app that I am going to tell now.

For that you can’t say this id Hacking, this is not hacking you can found the passwords if their Wi-Fi are weak.

This app is used for Check your Wi-Fi security strength and also available in play store.

This app called as “WI-FI WPS WPA TESTER”.

This app Main Use was check the vulnerability of our router.

How It’s Works:

After you download from the Play store, you need to accept their privacy policy to continue, once you’re done that you need to give GPS permission to Wi-Fi scanning after that we need to decide whether you are going to go with free version with the ad,Premium Version without ad.

After Done everything Like I said you will now see the scan results in their interface.

On the screen you can find how many Wi-Fi are available near you,You can see the Wi-Fi details in the screen.

If you want To know Wi-Fi password you need to Root your device.

Without root you can’t find the password for the Wi-Fi.

This app clearly says its for study purpose only,so of you want to Do anything you can do with your own risk.

Rooting your phone is not recommended it will harm your phone and expose to vulnerable security issues.

Here i Will give the download link below..


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