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Children of Ruin PDF is a famous book by Adrian Tchaikovsky, a UK sci-fi writer. This book was published in 2015 and became an instant hit, with more than 50,000 hardback copies sold in the first year of publication.

The story is set in the same universe as Shadows of the Apt and Empire in Black and Gold but is not a direct sequel. It features a new cast of characters primarily unrelated to the previous novels. This epic fantasy novel tells the tale of the city-states located in the Paths of Iris.

Children of Ruin PDF

Cities are humanity’s greatest invention, towering above the landscape and shaping the world around them. But where did they come from? What forces shaped their growth?

For Adrian Tchaikovsky, these questions have always been of profound interest. And in Children of Ruin, he turns to the city as a setting for a gripping new fantasy novel. The result is a captivating tale set in a world of danger and intrigue, where the fate of humanity rests on the courage of a few.

It is the first novel in the Children of Time trilogy. The story follows a group of humans who have traveled to an alien world to start a new colony.

The planet they choose turns out to be inhabited by another highly-evolved species called the Ariekei, who are capable of speech via collective thought. The Ariekei live as a hive mind, can only communicate through Language, and consume the dead.

Book Details

  • Book Name-Children of Ruin
  • Author-Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • Genre-Genetic Engineering Science Fiction, Space Exploration Science Fiction, First Contact Science Fiction
  • Publish Date-14 May 2019
  • Size-2.7 MB
  • Format-PDF


Children of Ruin PDF by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It is set in The Shattered Empire and tells the story of the city of Voortyashtan and its inhabitants. The invaders have destroyed the city, but people are trying to survive and rebuild their new lives. A massive swarm of insects is moving towards them. Nobody knows how to stop it or what it wants.

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Children of Ruin PDF

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