Cringe Meaning In Tamil – Tamil Explained

Hello readers, Are you looking for the cringe meaning in Tamil, then you are at the right place here we provide a detailed explanation about the word of Cringe and how it recently become very famous.


The cringe is the recently trending word in Tamilnadu because many people are speaking about this word, So there are many searches in Google for this word, but still, people don’t know about the word.

So we decided to provide a detailed explanation about the word Cringe meaning in Tamil.

Cringe Meaning in Tamil

There are a lot of meanings available for the Cringe word in Tamil, but to be exact, you can say like following way,

  1. பயந்து
  2. கெஞ்சு

This is the exact meaning of the word cringe, but many of us think it was


But it’s not like that in English, but it was our right to decide what we meant.

Final Words

I hope now you know what Cringe means in Tamil, and You don’t need to assume you are wrong. Just keep using the word in your way for the  Cringe People in the world.




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