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Want to download others’ WhatsApp status without asking them.?

I have the solution for that, nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp for many reasons, and WhatsApp has one feature that we can add videos or images in the status bar to show what we love.

Whenever someone is doing this, we also love their status, and we also love to upload on our wall but wait, the problem is we can’t save or download it. We need to ask them to share with us, and this is frustrating to ask them repeatedly. For that, I have one android app that could help you with that.

The App called “Status saver- Downloader for WhatsApp. “┬áThat you can find in play store.

App Features&How to use:

This App is specially made to save others WhatsApp status with the easy way.

Having a simple user interface is always a good feel so does this app interface.

You need to give them all permission for the App to work perfectly.

If you want to download your friend’s status, you must see the situation in your WhatsApp so the App can have access to download.

After you have seen their status, it will reflect on the screen of the App. So you can choose from that which one you are going to download.

This App contains multiple language access so you can choose the language which is good for you.

Many people use different versions of WhatsApp, like Gb WhatsApp or Whatsapp plus, so this App also has access to most performances. You don’t need any other particular app to do that.

As I said earlier, once you see the status from WhatsApp, it will appear on the app screen to download. You can choose from every status that you see on WhatsApp.

You can save the status and use it in the future. Once you download the App and it will end your problem with the status you love. You don’t need to ask anyone anymore.

In final words, this App has millions of downloads and a good rating in the play store, so you can believe in this and go for it.

You can download this App by searching for that name in the play store.

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