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Want to know how to read the deleted messages from WhatsApp?

You are at the right place,I will show you how you can do that with the several ways.

In modern life most of us using the WhatsApp kind of social medias to share our thoughts and chatting with the loved ones.

In WhatsApp there is one option with that you can delete the message so the receiver can’t read that message.This option is given to erase the Message that send wrongly but sometimes that message could be importan,so if you are receiver how could you read the message?

There is several solutions for that lets see what is that.

Different Versions of WhatsApp:

If you are Android user you could have easily installed the several different versions of WhatsApp.

You can use the GB WhatsApp , Whatsapp plus,Fm Whatsapp if you want .

These are modified versions of WhatsApp that could give lot options like saving the status with the one touch so you don’t need any other Android app for that.

You can install the one of the app from the above and choose in the settings to save the deleted messages once you enabled that anti deleting option that could be it.

After that no one can delete the message from you the message always will be shown to you with the help of this Android app.



For this problem we have one Android app as a solution.

The app called as Notisave you can find that app in the playstore by searching on that name.

How this app works:

This app specially made for saving your notification in the app so you won’t loose anything.

Not only WhatsApp this app will save messenger notification as well.

You can save the message and see that later in your phone.

This app also save the WhatsApp status as well,so you won’t miss the status as well if they deleted.

With the help of this app you can read the message without coming online.

That means you can read the message while you are in off-line.

If you are done that you are invisible to your message senders.

This app will help you to auto save everything like message and images from messenger and WhatsApp status it will auto save everything you don’t need to do anything.

You can search from the notification from the app which you need.

This app doesn’t need any special permissions.

This android app really gives you easy to use interface that you can  easily understand.

Once sender send a message that will reflect in notification bar after that the notisave  will save that from notification bar permanently so you can find whenever you need.

You can lock this app with their inbuilt security like fingerprint and a pattern method,So your data will be safe.

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