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The Little Prince PDF is a gift from heaven. Reading this book will broaden your imagination and teach you how to live life to the fullest. This book talks about the wandering story, who finds a little prince on his planet and helps him out with taking care of his rose.

In return, the little prince tells him his life story and how he learned important things in his journey. It is an excellent book that will help you understand the importance of friendship, love, relationships, and everything else that matters in life. So, if you want to read all story, you should download The Little Prince PDF from our website.

The Little Prince PDF Download

Author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French aristocrat and writer, began work on The Little Prince in the U.S., following his first novel, Wind, Sand, and Stars.

The story is based on his meeting with a young boy from France who had been traumatized by being made to wear a grown-up’s clothing. Saint-Exupéry wrote about this experience in Wind, Sand, and Stars, but he did not fully explain the incident until The Little Prince was published.

The story is about a little boy who lives on a planet with no adults. He has an asteroid friend, who he talks and does things with. But one day, the little prince leaves.

He travels worldwide and meets many different types of people, who all have different characteristics and personalities. His journey is full of adventure and excitement. He learns about friendship, being responsible for others, and love on his travels.

Book Details

  • Book Name-The Little Prince
  • Author-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Language-English
  • Pages-118
  • Size-2MB
  • Published-1943


The Little Prince PDF is a must-read book PDF for everyone. The reason is that it is an allegory that communicates some universal truths of the human condition. It can be read on many different levels, and the underlying message can be interpreted in several ways.

The Little Prince PDF Download

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The Little Prince PDF

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