[PDF] Download My Not So Perfect Life PDF Book By Sophie Kinsella

After all, everyone knows that social media is full of perfect moments, perfect families, and perfect lives. But behind all these beautiful pictures are real problems and insecurities. Sophie Kinsella was inspired by her own experiences to write My Not So Perfect Life novel.

My Not So Perfect Life PDF

The book is about a woman, Katie Brenner, who has a perfect job in New York as an executive assistant.

She is also engaged to be married to her boyfriend of eight years. But one day, Katie’s boss announces that he will be leaving and she must take over his job. Now Katie must juggle being the boss with going on interviews for her job! Sophie Kinsella’s writing style is easy-to-read and entertaining.

Sophie Kinsella was born in London, a famous British author. She is the author of some excellent novels recognized worldwide, including: Can You Keep A Secret?, Shopaholic series, Twenties Girl, and The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic.

However, her most popular book is My Not So Perfect Life.

The first of the Shopaholic series, Confessions of a Shopaholic, was an international bestseller. A hilarious novel of personal finance narrated by Becky Brandon, a charming and hapless heroine whose life is rich in the things that matter – friends, family, and fashion!

Book Details

  • Book Name- My Not So Perfect Life
  • Author- Sophie Kinsella
  • Genre- Humorous Fiction, Comedic Dramas & Plays, Contemporary Literature & Fiction
  • Publish Date-11 July 2017
  • Size- 3.6 MB
  • Format- PDF


My Not So Perfect Life is a novel by Sophie Kinsella. It was published on 18 May 2017. The novel follows Katie Brenner, who has just landed her dream job in London, working as an assistant to fashion icon and renowned career woman Sadie. Katie wants to be the perfect employee, but is that even possible when she’s hiding her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, lying about how well she knows the city, and neglecting to mention that she lives in a basement?

Download My Not So Perfect Life PDF

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My Not So Perfect Life

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